Questions in Motion (2019)

Questions in Motion is an exploratory, participatory dance duet in which audiences draw cards and read out questions that trigger the dancers’ responses, in the form of semi-structured improvisations. A flexible, engaging and intellectually stimulating dance work, Questions in Motion was commissioned by Whitechapel Gallery for the Youth Takeover: Visions of the Future, as part of the exhibition Is This Tomorrow? (14 Feb – 12 May 2019).

Devised for gallery spaces, this work is also perfectly suited for small to mid-scale dance studio sharings and community events. Interested?

Please contact me to discuss the format of this performance. The questions and themes explored can be tailored to your festival, platform or event.

I very much enjoyed watching these performers. Lots of themes explored and embodied.

Audience member (April 2019)

Choreographic concept: Yanaëlle Thiran.

Performed by: Lydia Swift & Yanaëlle Thiran

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Past performance dates:

  • 07/06/2019 at The Others, Stoke Newington
  • 04/05/2019 at Whitechapel Gallery
  • 26/04/2019 at Longfield Hall, hosted by The Artist Asylum

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