Next Choreography Festival (2017)

'Greatest Hits', Next Choreography Festival, Siobhan Davies Dance, 09/07/2017. Photo by Gorm Ashurst

a day of live performance, visual art, film and participatory events […] the culmination of Next Choreography 2016-17, our yearlong course for curious young choreographers aged 14—25, led by dance artist Amy Bell.

Siobhan Davies Dance

Venue: Siobhan Davies Studios, London. Date: 09/07/2017

  • Who’s Next please? by Yanaëlle Thiran (solo): one aspiring choreographer, inspired by 15 peers’ personalities, attempts to assimilate 36 lessons and a festival of new creations.
  • A Simple Proposition by John Sawney & Yanaëlle Thiran (duet): two voices in two different languages perform a monologue. Using chairs and movement Yanaëlle and John explore ideas of contradiction.

Fantastic pieces, I love them both!

Alice Weber, choreographer

  • Greatest Hits by Martin Hargreaves, created and performed in collaboration with Next Choreography participants: a collaborative work created with Next Choreography participants exploring ideas of forgery, theft, transmission, translation and contamination of ideas. What constitutes a creative act? What’s original? Greatest Hits questions theft, plagiarism, influence, homage and ownership in dance.

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