Linking (2016)


Final performance of the project Art Factory International – Dance Start Up VI 2015/16.

Date and venue: 26/05/2016 – Teatro Dehon (Bologna)

This show included 5 pieces of choreography;

  • ‘Collegamenti’ by Mattia Gandini

An excerpt from the piece created at Teatro Arena del Sole in April. With the participation and integration of a group of children from the project Social Factory.

  • ‘4 Studi’ by Anna Albertarelli & Roberto Penzo

Created during the laboratory Corpo Poetico – a course of dance/theatre/integration with physically disabled people.

  • ‘Alpeh’ by Antonella Boccadamo

Choreographed in collaboration with the dancers from Dance Start Up VI.

  • ‘Zo Mooi’ by Gioia Maria Morisco Castelli

Excerpt from Zo Mooi, short dance film adapted for the stage. It is a piece of work about the affirmation of one’s identity and about hope. Zo Mooi is a Flemish expression which means ‘so beautiful’, and contains a sense of joy and beauty that is charasteristic of youth and of the pleasure of moving and dancing. The body becomes an instrument of investigation – both emotional and psychological. Between the young people, a few individualities stand out, whose marked voice and expressivity, joined at the others, dissolve in an energetic and repetitive dance. Like a mantra played and sang with the body, the group of dancers abandons itself in a collective experience.

  • ‘Never’ by Lara Russo

What blocks you to express yourself?
I don’t like to go to dark places when I’m alone.
Which is the color of love?


Dancers April Veselko, Aymui Toyabe, Christian Pellino, Claudia di Giosia, Ginevra Francisconi, Hannah Goldberg, Justine Copette, Liliya Koval, Lucas Delfino, Nathalie Vermeiren, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Sharon Rombaldoni, Štěpána Mancová, Tonia Piccoli, Yanaëlle Thiran.


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