Leading my own Choreo Lab

Monday 19th June 2017, Siobhan Davies Dance I’m proud to have led an hour and a half long session at Siobhan Davies Dance, as part of the Young Artists Choreography Lab! It was the 3rd of a series of 4 workshops delivered and attended by recent graduate dancers or ‘dance-curious’ people like me. Simple &Continue reading “Leading my own Choreo Lab”

Vidéo de Venise

Voici “La conoscenza della non-conoscenza” (la connaissance de la non-connaissance), la pièce que j’ai dansée à la Biennale de Venise en juin dernier ! Le film complet vient d’être mis en ligne  🙂 *** Let me present you ‘La conoscenza della non-conoscenza‘ (the knowledge of not knowing), the piece I performed in at the VeniceContinue reading “Vidéo de Venise”

OpenFLR – il gran finale

  Mercredi 20 juillet 2016 Notre spectacle a commencé à la tombée de la nuit, sur la scène à ciel ouvert de la Limonaia Strozzi. Après les pièces de Manuel et Fernando, nous présentions “May be wrong” de Guido Sarli. L’unisson m’a semblé plus réussi à la répétition générale qu’à ce spectacle, mais je penseContinue reading “OpenFLR – il gran finale”

OpenFLR – To the theatre

Monday 18th July 2016 We’re almost ready for the final performances of OpenFLR! This morning, we went to the Roman theatre of Fiesole and had a quick run through the piece on stage. We will perform it there tomorrow, and in another open air theatre on Wednesday night. Exciting! Here is what our choreographer, GuidoContinue reading “OpenFLR – To the theatre”

OpenFLR – Opening week

Sunday 10th July Wow. It’s been such a busy week … I’m very happy that we had the afternoon off today. Now I can finally post an article in English! After having met Elisa Zuppini last Sunday and Guido Sarli on Monday, we had 3 more workshops: one with Fernanda Troya on Tuesday, another oneContinue reading “OpenFLR – Opening week”