Remainder – one amongst many

Saturday 25th January 2020 Remainder is almost there! Come and see it at The Place this Tuesday 28 January at 7:30 pm. If you haven’t already, please book online now by clicking here. That night, you will also see Matter of Fact Dance, Nathan Cornwell and Dominic Harrison’s work. Buy one ticket to support usContinue reading “Remainder – one amongst many”

Réservations ouvertes

Lundi 3 décembre 2018, The Place ça y est ! Notre flyer est prêt, et vous pouvez dès maintenant acheter vos places pour la création de “Play On” au festival Resolution 2019. Notre nouveau spectacle ouvrira le bal d’une soirée composée de trois pièces de danse. Au programme : “Play On” ou les harmonies chaotiquesContinue reading “Réservations ouvertes”

Ready? Play!

Saturday 23rd June 2018 On Tuesday, I performed a 10 minute piece with my friend and collaborator, pianist Mikaela Livadiotis. Things didn’t quite go as planned, but the audience enjoyed it! The event – We had been invited to play together at New Lights Piano Festival, a festival of contemporary piano music curated by TrinityContinue reading “Ready? Play!”

‘Earth, Sea and Sky’: videos

Thursday 10th May 2018 The A440 Choir’s show ‘Earth, Sea and Sky’ is now on YouTube! Here are the four pieces I created and performed for them last February, in my order of preference: (1) ‘The Water of Tyne’: As I created this piece, I started developing what could be called Flying Fabric FloorworkContinue reading “‘Earth, Sea and Sky’: videos”

Petit mois, petites créations

Février 2018 ? Terminé. Le plus petit mois de l’année a filé. A quoi étais-je donc occupée ? Notamment à créer, répéter et présenter une série de solos avec et pour la chorale A440 de Reading. En vue du spectacle “Earth, Sea & Sky”, la chef de choeur Lucy Joy Morris m’avait invitée à improviserContinue reading “Petit mois, petites créations”