To watch my latest videos, please follow me on Instagram and Vimeo @yanaelledanse or have a browse through the creations and improvisations below:

‘Swapping Shadows’, the duet I created with Shivaangee Agrawal for The Place’s Resolution festival 2018

Looking for a dance, a quartet choreographed by Irene Fiordilino, MA choreography student at Trinity Laban (London, March 2017)

Improvisation at the Asylum Chapel with pianist Mikaela Livadiotis (London, March 2017)

Stirring the Air (solo) by Yanaëlle Thiran (London, December 2016)

La conoscenza della non-conoscenza by Adriana Borriello (created in Venice, as part of Biennale College Danza, in June 2016)

Movement research in the studio (Bologna, March 2016)

‘Solo d’automne’ (Bologna, October 2015): inspired by the season, and by Indila’s song ‘Feuille d’automne’. Improvised outdoors and edited to the music.

Dance portfolio (2015-2018): this playlist includes videos from projects I did at The Place (for instance, Questions and Dancers 2015) and at Leggere Strutture Art Factory

‘Polaris’ by Crystal Pite (London, October 2014): a masterpiece of choreography for 64 dancers, which I was very honoured to be part of. Created at Sadler’s Wells Theatre.

‘Bonjour Cécile’ (London, March 2014): a duet choreographed and performed by Ruby Embley and I, inspired by the music and life of French composer Cécile Chaminade.

‘Daemons’ (London, November 2013). Choreography: Antony Daly Luna.


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