Kinaesthetic empathy in spectators of contemporary dance

As a dancer and frequent dance spectator, I have always been interested in the way audiences connect with dancers when they watch performances, as well as the way dancers themselves relate to their audience. How do we communicate with spectators? What do they perceive? What are the differences between a dancer and a non dancer in the way they see dance? Can anyone relate to dance?

Negotiated Project 2014-2015

To answer these questions, I undertook a research project about kinaesthetic empathy during the academic year 2014-2015. The outcome of it was twofold: part of it was a written work, and the other half was a presentation. You can download the PDF of my disseration and consult the slides of my presentation by clicking on the underlined words.

Prezi - Kinaesthetic empathy in spectators of contemporary danceKinaesthetic Empathy in new spectators of contemporary dance – Prezi