A dancer’s travel diary

Monday 7th August 2017 – Sydney solo

I have been lucky enough to fly to Australia! And as always, I took my dancing dreams in a suitcase. I’m getting so inspired by this gigantic land that I wanted to share some sights with you all.

Sydney Opera House by night, 04/08/2017
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 07/08/2017

This morning, when I entered the Art Gallery of New South Wales, I went straight down to the contemporary arts section. Alone. Empty bright spaces, with a selection of scupltures/installations that seemed to crave movement and human bodies to inhabit them. Maybe I’m biased, because I danced in museums, in and around sculptures on several occasions this year! Visiting this part of the gallery reinforced my willingness to insert contemporary dance into visual arts. Nowadays, artists are literally building spaces, making room for people to move in, it seems. So why not?

Of course I couldn’t, and didn’t, touch any of the artworks exposed. But as you can see on the picture on the right, I had fun with Ugo Rondinone’s clockwork for oracles (2011).

On the escalators, a massive quote painted up on the wall drew my attention:

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 07/08/2017

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I dance, teach dance and practice choreography: ‘to pass from feeling to meaning‘ …

I spent the afternoon at Sydney’s world-famous Opera House. Although I found the tour slightly pricey, I came out thinking that it was very much worth it! The tour guide took my group in two of the ‘small’ auditioriums, as well as in the main concert hall. He showed us and told us about the inside of the architecture, which was quite fascinating. We even got to touch it from the outside!

The photos below might tell you more than words about what I saw today:


Version française bientôt disponible !

Act | Balance

Still from Robert Lucas Appleton’s video: Glass _ Lifts _ Dance & Act | Balance

Une vidéo extraite de l’installation/performance de fin d’études de l’artiste Tuli Litvak est maintenant disponible ! Vous vous souvenez peut-être que j’y ai participé en mai dernier. C’était à l’école d’arts Central Saint Martins, pendant une semaine entière. Autant dire que cette vidéo de 9 minutes vous donne juste un bref aperçu de l’installation de Tuli. Vous me verrez apparaitre aux environs de la moitié de la vidéo :

Glass _ Lifts _ Dance & Act | Balance by Tuli Litvak


A video excerpted from Tuli Litvak’s degree show performance/installation is now available on Vimeo! You may or may not remember that I performed in it last May, at Central Saint Martins. Tuli’s installation was on for an entire week, so the video only gives you snippets of it. You will see me appear about halfway through.

Still from Robert Lucas Appleton's video: Glass _ Lifts _ Dance & Act | Balance


July events and performance dates

Saturday 1st July, 15:00

> Catch me for a special MoveMe event on Andover Central Square, London N7. Together with the company’s founder, Bert Roman, I will be teaching one of my favourite dances from our repertoire.


Sunday 9th July, 15:00-20:00

> Don’t miss the Next Choreography Festival at Siobhan Davies Studios:

Rehearsal for the Next Choreography Festival 2017 at Siobhan Davies Dance. Photo by Gorm Ashurst

16:00-17:45: I will be moderating the Young Artists’ Feedback Forum. This is your chance to see 4 brand new works and discuss them with the young choreographers we selected.

19:00-20:00: You will see me perform in a bilingual duet, a special solo, and the ‘Greatest Hits’ of this choreographic year 😀

There will be installations, durational pieces, talks, a film and much more to discover around the building.


  • Saturday 22nd July, 12:00-18:00

> Come and see me improvise with my friend pianist Mikaela Livadiotis at artsdepot, North Finchley. Performance times to be confirmed. Click here to find out more about the TogetherFest event.

  • ***

    Samedi 1er juillet, 15h00

  • > Rendez-vous sur Andover Central Square, dans le nord de Londres, pour un évènement MoveMe spécial été. Avec le fondateur de la compagnie, mon compatriote belge Bert Roman, nous allons apprendre à tous les participants présents l’une de mes danses préférées du répertoire MoveMe.


  • Dimanche 9 juillet, 15 à 20h

  • > Ne manquez pas le festival Next Choreography au Studio Siobhan Davies :

De 16h à 17h45, je vais modérer le Forum de Feedback des Jeunes Artistes. Cette platforme vous donnera l’occasion de voir 4 toutes nouvelles pièces et d’en discuter avec les jeunes chorégraphes que nous avons sélectionnés pour vous.

De 19 à 20h, vous me verrez présenter un duo bilingue, un solo très spécial et les ‘Plus Grands Hits’ de cette année chorégraphique 😀

Il y aura aussi des installations, des pièces de longue durée, des présentations, un film et bien plus encore à découvrir un peu partout dans le bâtiment.


  • Samedi 22 juillet, entre 12 et 18h

  • > Venez me voir improviser avec mon amie pianiste Mikaela Livadiotis à artsdepot, dans le quartier de North Finchley (Londres). Les heures de nos performances seront bientôt confirmées. Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus sur l’évènement “TogetherFest”.


Leading my own Choreo Lab

Monday 19th June 2017, Siobhan Davies Dance

I’m proud to have led an hour and a half long session at Siobhan Davies Dance, as part of the Young Artists Choreography Lab! It was the 3rd of a series of 4 workshops delivered and attended by recent graduate dancers or ‘dance-curious’ people like me.

Simple & inspiring theme, knots!!

Knotting and unknotting – dance phrase by Yanaëlle Thiran

One of the seven participants said that she ‘loved learning the part of the phrase’, which you can watch above. So I’m curious to hear your thoughts, dear readers and friends: what do you think? What does this type of movement evoke for you? As another participant puts it:

How is the knot physicalised? Is it mental, is it metaphoric, is it your body knotted?

There a lots of approaches.

I really enjoy improvisation so I liked the fact that you gave us freedom to explore ideas & [that you were] flexible with your phrase

Teaching resources for my Choreography Lab at Siobhan Davies Dance, 19/06/2017

I found it very fascinating how many stimuli you receive from such a simple starting point!

Indeed, not only did we work from movement material and improvisation tasks, but also from props, text and images … with a selection of inspiring music, of course!

I loved working with the rope – a physical object to play with in so many different ways. And interesting to see how to play in the same way without the rope.

In brief?

Nice physical experiment on idea of knots. Encouraging practice, inspiring. Looking forward to see more work 🙂

And next time I get to teach this kind of workshop, we will explore

group knotting please!

A participant found the session ‘super well organised!’ Somebody else describes it as ‘very engaging, flows well’ and adds:

 need longer 🙂

Yes, I had a few more activities planned … But there’s never enough time!

Version française disponible sur demande !

Next Choreography, next month

8th June 2017. I just wanted to share this newsletter from Siobhan Davies Dance:

Next Choreography Festival participants rehearsing a work choreographed by Martin Hargreaves, photo Gorm Ashurst
Next Choreography Festival participants rehearsing a work choreographed by Martin Hargreaves, photo Gorm Ashurst

Next Choreography Festival 2017

Sun 9 Jul, 2pm-8pm
Siobhan Davies Studios, London

Join us for the latest edition of the Next Choreography Festival. Our annual festival is a celebration of choreography featuring the work of young artists from our Next Choreography course and beyond.

“Next Choreography is unique in the UK dance landscape as a place where young artists can grow and flourish according to their own practices, talents and interests.”
– Amy Bell, Next Choreography Facilitator

The festival features live work, performances, film, and participatory events by young artists, our Next Choreography participants, and writer and dramaturg Martin Hargreaves. This year’s festival opens up the participants’ choreographic notebooks and asks big questions challenging perceptions of what choreography is, and could be.

There will allso be the opportunity for you to share your thoughts and questions with the choreographers during the Young Artists’ Feedback Forum.

The festival is free to attend and open to all. Follow the link below for the full festival programme and information about how to book your place for the Body in Space workshop.

Please be advised that some performances have a limited capacity and we recommend arriving early to avoid disappointment.

Click for more info


En apesanteur

Come and see me dance at Central Saint Martins next week!

Publication partagée par Tuli Litvak (@tuli_litvak) sur Instagram le 15 Mai 2017 à 11h52. #installationart #glasssculpture #stuckinalift #dancandart #performanceart 

La semaine prochaine, je vais danser dans un ascenseur vitré de quelques mètres carré. Il s’agit d’un projet de Tuli Litvak, étudiante de dernière année à l’école d’arts Central Saint Martins. Son installation sera ouverte au public du mercredi 24 au dimanche 28 mai (avec une avant-première le mardi 23) de 12 à 20h du mercredi au vendredi et de 12 à 18h le samedi et le dimanche. Vous pourrez m’y voir aux côtés d’autres danseurs le

  • mardi 23/05 de 16h à 18:30
  • jeudi 25/05 de 12 à 14h
  • vendredi 26/05 de 17 à 20h.

Nous avons eu une première répétition à Central Saint Martins ce lundi, d’où le petit aperçu du projet ci-dessus. Clairement, la petite Yanaëlle qui avait peur des ascenseurs a bien grandi !


Next week, I will be dancing in a glass lift a few square meters wide. That’s part of a project by Tuli Litvak, a graduating student at Central Saint Martins arts school. Her installation will be open to the public from 24th-28th May (with a preview on Tuesday 23rd), from 12-8pm Wednesday to Friday and 12-6pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can see me there alongside other dancers on:

  • Tuesday 23rd May: 16:00-18:30
  • Thursday 25th May: 12:00-14:00
  • Friday 26th May: 17:00-20:00

We had a first rehearsal at Central Saint Martins on Monday, so you get a sneaky peak (above). Clearly, little Yanaëlle, who was scared of lifts, has grown up now!

Lecture du jour

The Reflexive Teaching Artist IMG_1596_1024

Monday 15th May 2017

Inspired by their own art experiences, the Teaching Artist facilitates experiences that inspire, guiding students to discover their own inspirations.

Dawson, K. and Kelin, D. A. (2014). The Reflective Teaching Artist – Collected Wisdom from the Drama/Theatre Field. Bristol: Intellect, p.6


Inspiré(e) par ses propres expériences artistiques, l’Enseignant(e) Artiste facilite des expériences qui inspirent, guidant les étudiants à découvrir leurs propres inspirations.

Dawson, K. et Kelin, D. A. (2014). L’Enseignant Artiste Réflexif – Sagesse collectée du domaine de l’art dramatique/théâtre. Bristol: Intellect, p.6

Utiliser mes propres sources d’inspiration pour inspirer les jeunes générations. Voilà donc ce que je fais, dans l’idéal … et en pratique, ça s’applique ! Aujourd’hui, par exemple, avec les petits de 0 à 5 ans que j’assiste dans leurs tout premiers mouvements dansants, puis les enfants et ados des sessions MoveMe que j’anime dans le Nord de Londres. Tout un programme !