Sharing motivation

Tuesday 7th March 2017

Very motivational and inspirational . . . Made me want to learn to dance.

This afternoon, I taught a 2 hours long class at the University of Westminster. I had been invited as a guest speaker once again, as part of Nick Johnstone’s course in Professional Writing. The aim of this session? To offer graduating students in Creative Writing some advice to get started in the professional world.

Of course, my experience of writing is mostly limited to this blog. But I had a few things to say about freelancing, networking and taking chances as an artist. In fact, when I collected evaluation forms at the end of the session, I read this:

Really was surprised by how much I could identify your dance journey to my journey as a writer.

Another student suggested that I should become a ‘professional motivational speaker’. Why not? That sounds compatible with what a dance teacher might be!

Anyway, I’m excited to deliver this session again on Thursday, when I meet the other half of the class. Hopefully, at the end of it, I will get to read words like ‘inspiring’ and ‘motivating’ in various handwritings again 🙂


Version française bientôt disponible !


2 thoughts on “Sharing motivation

  1. Well done to you Yanaelle as well as your course leader for having hindsight to invite you to speak to the class! I find it also true how can identify with others on points of their journey, learn and be inspired irrespective of path. In the end, we are all artists. Keep going!


  2. Thanks Cathy! Part of the class was about posture and ‘power posing’, so I mentioned the Alexander technique and your introductory lecture to the students. You might meet some of them on Sunday!


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