OpenFLR – Opening week

Sunday 10th July

Wow. It’s been such a busy week … I’m very happy that we had the afternoon off today. Now I can finally post an article in English!

Warm up at the Demidoff dance studio, in Florence. 04/07/2016

Warm up at the Demidoff dance studio, in Florence. 04/07/2016

After having met Elisa Zuppini last Sunday and Guido Sarli on Monday, we had 3 more workshops: one with Fernanda Troya on Tuesday, another one with Manuel Ronda on Wednesday and the last one with Rosalba Torres-Guerrero on Thursday. At the end of hers, we got a chance to rank all of the choreographers we had met. It wasn’t easy to make up my mind, but I ended up giving my preference to Guido Sarli.

Workshop with Manuel Ronda at the Demidoff dance studio, in Florence. 06/07/2016

Workshop with Manuel Ronda (Italian choreographer currently based in Sweden). 06/07/2016

On Thursday evening, we started rehearsing for a site-specific piece with Silvia and Mose, two dance artists from a collective called Attivisti della Danza. We left the studio at 9.15pm, exhausted … and I almost missed the last direct train home! Fortunately, dancers can run 😀 It was particularly useful on that night.

Right before midnight, when I was about to go to sleep, I received the list of casts by email. But I couldn’t see my name in any of the groups! I found out on the next morning that there had been a bit of confusion between me and Claire, my Australian friend, whose name appeared both in Elisa’s cast and in Guido’s. I guess we are alike physically and our ways of moving are pretty similar too. Anyway, it turned up that I was chosen by Guido, luckily! I started rehearsing with him on Friday afternoon, together with Mariana, Elvira, Fernando, Guadalupe, Andrea, Sarina, Liliana and Mayra. The creative process continued yesterday, even if all of us were extremely tired. And we will carry on working every day from 12:30 until 18:00 … Until our piece is ready!

Workshop with Rosalba Torres-Guerrero. 07/07/2016

Workshop with Rosalba Torres-Guerrero (French-Spanish-Belgian choreographer). 07/07/2016

This morning, we had a Flying Low class. I hadn’t practiced this technique in a while, but it was nice to come back to it. We were all soaking wet at the end of the class (as always) and took advantage of a little break to get refreshed before our general meeting with the OpenFLR team.

Then we could go home! I took the train back to Bologna and had a short nap later in the afternoon … But I still need to rest and get some more sleep to make a fresh start into the second week of the festival!


Dimanche 10 juillet 2016

Comme promis, j’ai commencé par écrire en anglais cette fois-ci, et vu le temps que ça m’a pris, je suppose que la traduction de cet article viendra quand je serai en vacances ^^

Ceci dit, vous verrez très bientôt les premières photos de notre performance d’hier soir, avec commentaires bilingues ! A bientôt 🙂


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